Nothing is perfect from the beginning.

We want to support the growth of documents from hatching to completion.


Share the document,
even if it is not yet perfect

Begin tasks without aiming for perfection.
Go ahead and share work in progress (WIP) with teammates.

Have you ever pushed back information sharing within the team because you focused on having something organized to perfection? Have you ever wished that a teammate had shared a piece of important information sooner?
We believe quickly sharing information is the key to building autonomous team. That is why we created esa, a system that helps team members work with information that has not yet been perfected. Through esa, users can easily and casually share imperfect information with the WIP (Work In Progress) feature, which shows other users that the information is still being worked on. If shared quickly, the current work issues you are working through and ideas that you have could guide your teammates toward new developments.


Then, update the document and
gradually develop it

A history of revisions will be saved, so you can make as many updates as you want.
Freely share information within your team and develop your documents together.

esa is based on the concept of freely sharing incomplete information within a team, continuously updating the information, and gradually developing the information. By making adjustments such as preventing notifications from being sent whenever a user touches a certain document with the WIP feature, esa takes the stress and hesitation away from updating and perfecting documents.
Because a history of all revisions made will be saved, users can rest assured knowing they can always restore a previous version. Even if more than one user simultaneously updates the same document, you can develop it together with real-time collaborative editor.
Although standard systems designed like blogs tend to make it difficult to update pages that have already been published, we have decided to help users overcome that issue by the system and UI on esa.


Organize documents after they have been
fully developed

Share information with chat-like casualness and organize/update information like a wiki.
We want to help make the connection between stock and flow a seamless one.

Organize your perfected documents in appropriate locations.
Adding a slash (/) in the title of your document on esa will bring up a list of categories.
Modern flow UI, such as chat and microblogs, that allows users to manage real-time events have successfully lowered the threshold for information. However, such services are not as effective when it comes to safekeeping and managing information. Wikis, on the other hand, are an excellent type of media to maintain information, but also have a higher threshold for information sharing.
Through esa, we aimed to bring together the characteristics of media forms suitable for both stock and flow in order to balance modern real-time features with lowered information sharing thresholds and wiki-like information organization. We support the development and perfection of your information until it is freely shared and stored as useful knowledge.