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Nothing is perfect from the beginning.

We want to support the growth of documents from hatching to completion.


Various features to help teams enjoy developing their information.

esa Supporters

Various teams already have been developing documents with esa.

  • bash0C7
    “Roughness” that is taken in a positive direction and shared is important for finding real issues.
    To support this type of sharing, a workspace where you and your trusted colleagues can write freely is necessary. WIth esa, writing down your ideas will be fun and discussing them with your colleagues will be a breeze.
  • takaoken
    Because each development teams in CyberAgent are given a large discretion, they can adopt their own tools by themselves freely.
    Many of them have started using esa.
    It shows that esa is able to be suitable for various teams.
  • kokuyouwind
    esa is very useful because we can write and share articles easily with a comfortable markdown editor, and I can also automate the workflow by combining template functions and APIs!
    Recently, I use esa not only in the workplace but also privately (\( ⁰⊖⁰)/)
  • pchw
    The WIP feature, Slack and email notification features, and ability to categorize by simply using a / in titles are what makes esa.io so attractive. The design is refined and enjoyable to use. Plus, the service team responds to feedback and requests for additional features very quickly, which quickly made esa.io a must for our team.
  • nalabjp
    esa helped me realize how much easier developing and sharing information was with WIP. Instead of jotting down an idea, I would write it using the WIP feature. Without asking, someone else could add to my idea or make corrections for me. The cute design and casual atmosphere that esa provides are great. It lets me freely write down my thoughts.
    I use it at work and also at home. My wife is a big fan of the esa bird!
  • hiro_y
    We started using esa because I thought it would work well for daily reports. Now, many of my colleagues create memos with the WIP feature, and we’ve created a cycle where we build upon one another. It would also work well in developing a type of culture where thoughts, poems, and knowledge could be shared.
  • hiraiva
    Writing in markdown, organizing posts in directories, and easily integrating with other apps such as Slack, we choosed esa because of its functional advantage, and I think it has also a unique pleasant worldview in the design and the user experience.
  • _yasaichi
    "A history of service development by all team members". In short, this is our way of using esa.
    We always write our thoughts with the help of words which someone else wrote in the past. And these texts will help someone else in the future.
    Various features used for "developing information" such as sharing information with the WIP feature, version control and so on, help with this knowledge sharing cycle.
  • sunaot
    esa is our partner in changing our organizational culture.
    We'd like to share the information of working in the Wikis or GitHub Issues rather than having proprietary. And we needed the place for broadcasting or sharing of information for the sake of that.
    When we foster the calture without habit, esa is the best place which we feel like writing in.
  • mikupaccho
    Unlike other document-sharing products, esa has no read and write permission settings per each team members. That openness with regard to information fits our company's action agenda, "Be Open," and our whole company loves using esa. I really get a sense that information is being raised as we all develop our documents together.
  • geckotang
    We use esa to share meeting minutes and company policies, as well as to create documents for study sessions. Its presentation through slides and categorization feature usable by marking titles with / are really convenient, since they show information without clutter and make it easy to organize things. The service team also responds to inquiries very quickly, which makes me feel that esa really cares about their users in everything they do.
    We’re also using the esarea Chrome extension!
  • tetsuyan_harada
    “I’ll summarize it on esa” is something that many of our members have been saying. It made us aware of all the miscellaneous business information and thoughts that we have, and is allowing us to frequently share such information and thoughts. Just the thought of not bringing esa to our company makes me tremble a little bit.
    I look forward to seeing esa become even more convenient and easy to use.
  • lionbaby
    We have been using esa since 2015. Our engineers and office workers use it to manage not just documents that are necessary for development, but also minutes, miscellaneous memos, and so on.
    We think that the best thing about esa is that it can be used easily and freely.
    We would like to keep using it because it can be used for various purposes.
  • kengoiwt
    As we moved forward with the rapid expansion of our organization, the problem of "new staff members taking a long time to be onboarded" became extremely pressing. That is why we turned to esa. We developed the necessary knowledge into documents and integrated them into our employee onboarding process. As a result, we were able to cut the time required for the onboarding process to one third, and succeeded in improving our organization's rate of growth!
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