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The document sharing service for motivated teams created from the perspective of developing information.

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Nothing is perfect from the beginning.

We want to support the growth of documents from hatching to completion.


Various features to help teams enjoy developing their information.

Markdown and a wide variety of input support

Linkage with various services through Webhook

Three-way merging allowing simultaneous editing

Share information with the WIP (Work In Progress) feature

See results while editing through real-time preview

Categorize and organize by simply editing the title

Share and publish documents externally or through slideshows

Manage and roll back revised versions of documents

esa Supporters

More than 2,000 teams already have been developing documents with esa.

  • bash0C7
    “Roughness” that is taken in a positive direction and shared is important for finding real issues.
    To support this type of sharing, a workspace where you and your trusted colleagues can write freely is necessary. WIth esa, writing down your ideas will be fun and discussing them with your colleagues will be a breeze.
  • igaiga555
    esa serves as the “adventure log” for my company. My colleagues can record their adventures in esa, and I can see how other quests are going. Together, everyone in my team and company can share hints, mark important information with stars, show others they have read certain documents, and boost the progress of all our adventures. Even if everyone is working on their own quest, my company is still one single party, and esa brings all of us together.
  • mzp
    Slack notifications, category changes, WIP and ShipIt, stock and flow...esa has plenty of features that didn’t seem absolutely necessary until I really think about it, which is why I love using the service.
    The interface design is cute and fun to write in.
    Now I can use esa to write freely without worrying about much.
  • pchw
    The WIP feature, Slack and email notification features, and ability to categorize by simply using a / in titles are what makes so attractive. The design is refined and enjoyable to use. Plus, the service team responds to feedback and requests for additional features very quickly, which quickly made a must for our team.
  • fakestarbaby
    We’re exchanging so much information that we sometimes wonder how we ever shared anything before using esa! I think esa is great because of its simplicity, how easy it is to use, and how it lets us write down rough memos without having to worry about anything! It’s also really adorable!
  • nalabjp
    esa helped me realize how much easier developing and sharing information was with WIP. Instead of jotting down an idea, I would write it using the WIP feature. Without asking, someone else could add to my idea or make corrections for me. The cute design and casual atmosphere that esa provides are great. It lets me freely write down my thoughts.
    I use it at work and also at home. My wife is a big fan of the esa bird!
  • hiro_y
    We started using esa because I thought it would work well for daily reports. Now, many of my colleagues create memos with the WIP feature, and we’ve created a cycle where we build upon one another. It would also work well in developing a type of culture where thoughts, poems, and knowledge could be shared.
  • hiraiva
    Writing in markdown, organizing posts in directories, and easily integrating with other apps such as Slack, we choosed esa because of its functional advantage, and I think it has also a unique pleasant worldview in the design and the user experience.
  • g_toyoda
    My entire company uses esa. Not only does it make texts easier to read and write, it helps us record documents that should be shared, ranging from lunch recommendations to personal memos and notes. esa contributes to communication between our staff members, and also serves as a tool through which we can learn about the experiences, personalities, and ideas that each member has.
  • komagata
    Using the esa to-do list in daily reports helps other members understand who is thinking about what, even if no actions have been taken yet. I think that’s quite good.
  • geckotang
    We use esa to share meeting minutes and company policies, as well as to create documents for study sessions. Its presentation through slides and categorization feature usable by marking titles with / are really convenient, since they show information without clutter and make it easy to organize things. The service team also responds to inquiries very quickly, which makes me feel that esa really cares about their users in everything they do.
    We’re also using the esarea Chrome extension!
  • tetsuyan_harada
    “I’ll summarize it on esa” is something that many of our members have been saying. It made us aware of all the miscellaneous business information and thoughts that we have, and is allowing us to frequently share such information and thoughts. Just the thought of not bringing esa to our company makes me tremble a little bit.
    I look forward to seeing esa become even more convenient and easy to use.
  • shimotsu_
    We use esa to share daily reports and company policies. Seeing my colleagues make continuous updates information is still WIP motivates me to work harder.
    Also, by summarizing my thoughts about the books I’ve read and jotting down notes about my daily findings on esa, I feel like my account (domain) is growing. The more I write, the more interesting things become.
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